Spark Kids

Sparks Kids is geared up for Kids Ages Pre – K to 5th Grade on Wednesdays at 7pm and Sundays at 10:45am.

Our classroom is divided into three (3) age groups to allow each child to beneift from our teaching.

Group 1:
Pre – K and Kindergarden

Group 2:
1st and 2nd Grade

Group 3:
3rd to 5th Grades

1st Sunday – BGMC Missions focused with Mrs. Terri Hensely
2nd Sunday – with Mrs. Tammy Mathis
3rd Sunday – with Ms. Alyssa Parker
4th Sunday – Kids Praise with Mrs. Martha Kisler
5th Sunday – 5th Family Sunday (all ministries remain in Sanctuary)

Tammy Mathis, Children’s Pastor

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